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English Bridle Leather Leashes

English Bridle Leather Leashes

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Made with the same tough English Bridle leather as our Dog Collars, these leashes are beautiful and strong. Split braiding at the clip and handle end ensure a super-strong nigh-unbreakable connection. No stitching to come undone. No hardware to fail at the wrong time. The rivet you see is only there for cosmetic purposes to keep the tab tight to the main body reducing the possibility of snags. These leashes are 4' long and available in a Standard 3/4" width, or a 1" Heavy-Duty width. The 3/4" can withstand a pull-strength of over 400lbs.! Click this link to our product testing video to see it!

Pair one of these leashes with one of our Dog Collars to save $$ on your order!!



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