Market Newbies and Cool New Products

Market Newbies and Cool New Products

The market/event season has started, and boy have we learned a LOT!  First off: we received many compliments on the quality of our booth and how professional it looked.  This gave us quite the happy since we literally had never before had a booth anywhere! 

Our first event was the Goldendale Home and Garden Show.  It was also the first set up of our booth.  We had wanted to do a pre-show set up at home to figure things out, but didn't get around to it.  Apparently, that fact did not show through.  People were commenting on how we must have been doing this for a while based on how well we did with our layout and displays.

We had an excellent time and our sales were something to write home about, (well, we texted family and friends about it and that's basically writing home.)  We introduced several new items that have been show-exclusive since then.  From Dragons and Bees to Lazy Dinos and super-cute Raccoons on the crochet side (to only name a few!), to Wallets and Tote Bags and Custom Leather Shoulder Holsters on the leather side.

To date, we've done two major events (The Home and Garden Show, and the Bickleton Rodeo) and two days of regular Saturday Farmer's Markets.  All have been very successful and sales have been great!

We are happily taking custom orders and requests for items not listed on the site (looking at you Triceratops!)

Thank you to all our customers and fellow vendors for your compliments, criticisms, and advise.  This venture of ours is feeling like it's going to be a success! Yay!

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